A collection of artwork.
Some are concept sketches for future creatures, others are t-shirt, card or sticker designs.
I draw traditionally but also use a wacom tablet and drawing programs such as clip studio and photoshop.
Most recently, I got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I will primarily use that for my digital artwork going forward.

I dabble in doodles.

"Gotta break a few Eggs.."

I hope to turn this into an actual painting.

"Without you...I'm not all there."

Oh Deery Me. I'd like to actually paint this one.

Turnip Bear returns!

I needle felted a big turnip bear years ago. He's made a comeback and is now on printed fabric. He'll be an art pillow!

Axolotl Dragon

This guy is on a sticker and on printed fabric. He'll be turned into art pillows.


I might do a series of art pillows that are dog themed...Haven't gotten this one printed yet but I'm going to!

Flower power.

It's a flower monster...But she's harmless.


Ahhh yes, the elusive einhorn.

Mandrake! Ahhh!

I'm going to be making a few of these guys for Halloween. Stay tuned!


I don't know why I drew a centipede but I did.... Ick. I used the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Procreate App.

Eat your veggies!

Potential coloring page for a coloring book I hope to do...

The first drawing I did..

...on the iPad pro using the Procreate app.


One of my first drawings using the Procreate App on my iPad Pro.

Come and play.

A little homage to The Shining feat. Oh Deery Me's.

Balloon child

The first of(hopefully) many in a series of Balloon children.

Cover your mouth

I'm going to be exploring these beings more. Probably with drawings to start. Maybe a soft sculpture eventually...

I help you.

Friends. Helping each other grow.

Pear Bear is born!

I created a little character called Pear Bear. He's...a pear...and a bear!


Pear Bear likes his coffee sweet like he is.


All the love.

Yummy dreams

Pear Bear's love for pizza is..incredible.

The night after the eclipse

I was going to draw something eclipse related but...nah.


I could never be as cool as Pear Bear.

The best cheerleader.

Cheer on, Pear Bear. Cheer on.


I've come to the conclusion that Pear Bear's "ripeness" depends on his mood. A bad mood = rotten.


This is a sticker design. I'm really into die-cut stickers and this was the first one I did.

Halloween-y Bat.

I'm planning on doing some stickers with multiple color options. This is a halloween-y bat.

Sky Bat

Here's a sky bat. I might do a few more. I love bats.

Silly Goose.

I'll probably do a variety of geese stickers too.

Nooty Booty

New creature design. Still playing with the spelling. First they were Fae Baybays, now they're Nudie booties.

Majestic nekkid Fae

I am kind of sort of obsessed with these creatures right now. Just have to figure out how to bring them into being....

Bee happy!

Definitely a sticker. Big ol' sticker!

Manatee sticker!

This is going to be a sticker and also might be my first pin? We'll see!

Manatea for Two

New t-shirt design. Preorders opening soon! Digitally drawn with Clip Studio.

Batsh*t Crazy for You

This was a card for Valentine's Day. Drawn digitally with Clip Studio.

Fat birb

Fat little cockatiel. Drawn digitally with Clip Studio. This became a t-shirt and a sticker.


Drawn digitally with Clip Studio.


I have yet to make this a sticker. Soon. Drawn with Paint Tool SAI.


Sticker design. Drawn digitally with Clip Studio.


My first t-shirt design. Also became a sticker. Drawn digitally with Paint Tool SAI.

Free Hugs

This was attempt one of the design that ultimately ended up being the purple roar shirt. Digitally drawn with Paint Tool SAI.

Purple Ombre

I haven't really made this into a creature yet... Not sure what materials to make it out of. It would be fun to dye the material for the ombre effect.


I was going to make this into a t-shirt. But alas, it has already been done. Digitally drawn with Clip Studio.

Birthday Sheep

Birthday card design. I never actually turned it into a card. Soon. Drawn digitally with Paint Tool SAI.