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Patreon gives you the opportunity to become part of a community that supports artists such as myself. By supporting creators with monthly donations you gain behind-the-scenes access to our inspirations, our works in progress, our creative worlds. Patreon is also cool because by even making a small monthly $2 donation you get cool rewards!

A brief description of the rewards:

$2 a month gets you a sneak peek into the Dollhouse--the inner workings of my mind

$5 a month gets you all the behind-the-scenes content(work in progress pictures, early notices of shows and preorders, sketches of new dolly designs, tutorials, coupon codes and more!)

$10 a month gets you all of the above AND some exclusive artwork every other month(stickers, mini prints, cards)

$35 a month(limited to just ten people!) gets you the artwork rewards AND an exclusive dolly every other month(this means you get Jaali's Dollies mail every month!)